menuBUS Release v2.3.18 (2nd June 2018)

  • Improved low latency performance.
  • Improved sample rate switching. No more missing the start of the next song...
  • menuBUS Engine used to prevent sleep until all other applications had stopped accessing the menuBUS driver. Now menuBUS will detect when there is silence coming from these applications and shut down (after 10 seconds) and start up on demand when the application resumes playing. Laptop users will love the power savings!
  • Added Indonesian, Chinese, Serbian and Ukrainian localizations! Thanks Wayang NT, Jexbar HJ, Nikola Kavocevic and Alexander Zhurovich for all your help with the translating!


  • Removed all data logging (crash reporting and analytics)
  • Cleaned up preferences menu. Related items are now in groups, not just seemingly scattered about the place...

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of audio related bugs introduced in the last few versions. Users were reporting accumulating latency and glitching. This update addresses those issues.
  • Fixed GUI crashing when changing buffer size.
  • Fixed menu icon state not updating with playback


menuBUS Pro Release v2.3.11


  • Added VoiceOver support for visually impaired users.
  • Plugins can now be moved between presets by simply dragging over the desired preset button, waiting for the button to stop blinking, and then dragging the plugin down to the preset preview.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where depending on the output device, the fade out / in time when altering the presets could become quite long.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts like cut, copy and paste not working when editing plugin and preset names.
  • Fixed slider knob size and not increasing when making the menu larger.
  • Fixed the volume curve dB value popover not hiding after editing a sliders value.


menuBUS Pro Release v2.3.10 (15th May 2018)


  • Decreased plugin loading / removing / positioning / bypassing time dramatically.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bunch of adding / removing / rearranging bugs.
  • Switched the volume curve back to linear as a default to ensure support with all apps. Volume curve can still be customised however!
  • Fixed a bug where presets wouldn't be deleted on the first go.
  • Fixed a latency build-up that could occur with some bluetooth outputs.
  • Fixed TDR Nova not loading in recent versions.


menuBUS Pro Release v2.3.08 (6th May 2018)


  • Added a feature to change the volume curve for keyboard volume control.
  • Added cancel buttons to text entry fields.
  • Added an option to display the volume in dBFS in the menu bar.
  • Menu bar text customization options are now toggleable - meaning you can now display any combination of Sample Rate, Preset Name and Volume.
  • Improved the default volume curve for keyboard volume control.
  • Added a plugin search feature.
  • Floating windows can now be set to transparent by holding down option and scrolling on the window title bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the audio-in plugin routing table not working correctly on devices with over 12 inputs.
  • Fixed MIDI devices not being added / removed until a preset had been changed or the menuBUS app restarted.
  • Fixed the dock icon feature introduced in the last version not actually launching the application.
  • Fixed the updater not updating correctly. this fix will only work in future versions unfortunately :(
  • Fixed keyboard volume being reset across preset changes.
  • Fixed a bug where renamed presets would get duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug launching menuBUS without a defined default preset would cause a blank preset to load


menuBUS Pro Release v2.3.03 (18th April 2018)


  • Added the abiltity to choose between completely disabling plugins (the current, and default behaviour) and "soft bypassing" where the bypassing is instant, but the plugin is still consuming CPU.
  • Added the option to display menuBUS in the task switcher and the dock. This is on by default, but it can be disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where assigning a keyboard shorcut would require you to first click on the shortcut field before entering the shortcut.
  • Fixed the export configuration missing the recent changes to a preset.
  • Fixed a bug where loading the same preset over and over could lead to messed up settings.
  • Fixed a bug where Audio Splitters would occassionaly expand randomly.


menuBUS Pro BETA Release v2.3.00 (13th April 2018)

  • menuBUS now launches a seperate process which hosts all audio processing seperate from the GUI. Now if a plugin crashes, or if the GUI locks up, the bad process will be automatically rebooted and you can continue on! This also means that the interface can operate smoothly, while the audio engine is chugging away doing something else!
  • menuBUS now has the ability to host multi-channel plugins, and can now support 5.1 multichannel audio. Just select "Enable Multi-Channel/Surround Support" in the audio submenu of the preferences menu. This will install a 6 channel virtual audio driver which will replace the 2 channel version that is installed by default.
  • To support the new multi-channel features, there is now a routing matrix for every input and output.
  • Added a new extreme low latency mode, equivelent to 32 samples at 44.1khz and 64 samples at 96khz.
  • Added the ability to delete all plugins from a preset by option+clicking on the Bus title/ header.
  • Added the ability to create a new preset with no plugins by option + clicking on the preset add button.
  • Added the ability to rename plugins, audio outputs and audio inputs to custom names.
  • Added the ability to hide the preset section in the theme editor.
  • Added a feature to export and import all the user data, and presets to and from a .zip file.
  • Added the ability to drag plugins between the main bus and in and out of splitters e.t.c.
  • Added a preference to disable analytics and crash reporting.
  • Added AIFF and sample rate settings to the record plugin.
  • Added ability to bypass final output, to match the behaviour of all the other audio outs.
  • Plugins can now be easily duplicated by holding down the option key while dragging the plugin.
  • menuBUS now consumes almost no CPU when no audio is passing through it.
    Now when there is no audio being processed, menuBUS will no longer prevent the system from sleeping.
  • Built a tiny migration utility to help make downgrading to a previous version of menuBUS slightly easier. It's not pretty, but might come in handy for some people. This tool will only work from this version onwards!
  • Added an option to prevent the system alerts to be set to output to menuBUS.
  • Improved the preference menu titles and grouping - Thanks for the advice Steve F!.
  • Theme modification window is now resizable.
  • Added an option to ignore keyboard volume control and operate menuBUS at full unity.
  • Moved menu bar icon selection / animation option to the preferences menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the gain plugin getting stuck in a text entry mode.
  • Fixed few theme problems in the "Modern" theme.
  • Improved some app animations.
  • Improved preset changing speed, and smoothness.
  • Fixed recorder not recording at the current sample rate by default.
  • Fixed massive CPU usage inscrease when opening some plugins.
  • Fixed the beach-ball that would happen when launching menuBUS, decreasing launch time dramatically.
  • Improved menuBUS resizing smoothness.
  • Added loading to spinners to presets and plugins to show the loading progress.
  • Fixed menu bar icon highlighting occassionally getting stuck.
  • Fixed installer / updater spinner getting stuck and installation not completing
  • Fixed a few spots in the app that would cause the interface to lock up and become unresponsive while loading plugins.
  • Bunch of bugs fixed with audio ins and outs loosing their routing.
  • Fixed a crashing bug that could happen when loading presets with floating plugin windows.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple versions of the same plugin on the same preset could become the same instance of that plugin.
  • Fixed a bug where MIDI events being sent to an inactive plugin would stack up and all play at once after re-activating the plugin.
  • Fixed a phantom draggable button showing up on occasion.
  • Fixed a crashing bug relating to ARC.
  • Fixed a bug where splitters sometimes wouldn't pass audio if they were disabled at the time of loading the preset.


menuBUS Pro v2.2.07

  • All new theme editor! You can currently choose between "Classic" and "Modern" themes, but you can edit your own by selecting "Create New" in the themes sub-menu!
  • Improved app UI feel and responsiveness.
  • Audio Splitters no longer require an output to be selected for the plugins to hosted inside to function.
  • Sped up preset changing, and lowered app memory use. 
  • Added bit depth setting to recorder plugin.
  • Added a mix knob to the audio-in plugin.
  • Audio Splitters now have same design language as main bus container. Also plugins hosted inside the splitter now are full width!

menuBUS Pro v2.1.88

  • menuBUS Pro now has support for MIDI keyboards, controllers and instruments!
  • Fixed Audio-In not working with multiple audio inputs.
  • Fixed Audio-In not handling different sample rates to the main output.
  • iCloud Sync is now disabled by default in fresh installs of menuBUS. 
  • You can disable syncronisation by appending ".nosync" to the menuBUS folder inside of your documents folder.

menuBUS Pro v2.1.87

  • Fixed Audio-In not working inside of splitter unit.
  • Added signal meter to Audio-In.
  • Fixed a couple of crashing bugs.
  • Fixed the plugin add/remove menu not displaying correctly for plugins hosted inside splitter units.
  • Added an option to disable icloud syncing of the presets and settings.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when renaming splitters.

menuBUS Pro v2.1.82

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the plugin window to open and close repeatedly during silence.
  • Improved driver performance.
  • Added an option in the preferences menu to prevent menuBUS from controlling the actual output volume to improve compatibility with some interfaces.
  • Lots of other little bug fixes to improve app stability.

menuBUS Pro v2.1.70


  • Added Community voted feature - Recorder plugin!
  • Reintroduced the global bypass feature from V1.
  • Added a new delay plugin.
  • Added touch bar support. macOS 10.13+


  • Plugin, and output device latency is now reported to the system, which means video playback stays in sync with up to 10 seconds of latency compensation!
  • Improved system driver performance.
  • Added abiltity to double click on the trim and delay plugins to enter desired value.
  • You can now create blank presets!
  • Added a safe mode to give an option of skipping loading presets on startup in case of crashing.
  • Selecting the system output through either system preferences, or using Audio MIDI Setup while menuBUS is running will now change the device menuBUS is outputting to.
  • Added a preset rule titled "Set Sample Rate On Load" which will attempt to set the output to the sample rate that was active at the time of setting this preference. Thanks @Mario!
  • Improved "Load On Device Connection" feature to work when connection and disconnecting headphones to the built-in output. Thanks @Mario!
  • Added a "Preset Rules" submenu to give more control over the situations when a preset should be loaded.
  • Added the ability to bypass "Audio In" plugins.
  • Added a latency readout on audio splitters. This is the latency of all the plugins before the splitter (excluding other splitters) and up to and including the last plugin of the splitter unit. Thanks @Daryl!
  • Added "Latency Compensation" toggles in each of the latency drop down menus.
  • Added option to select displaying latency in samples, or ms.
  • Added a .plist entry called "systemAlertsToOutput" which when set to false will prevent menuBUS from switching the system alerts setting to the menuBUS driver. Thanks @Dale
  • Removed detailed version number from interface


  • Deleting the last plugin in a preset no longer deletes the preset!
  • Fixed latency setting being forgotten when removing plugins. Thanks @Mark!
  • Fixed mono plugin reliability. Thanks @Bendan!
  • Fixed mono plugin sound. Thanks @Kian!
  • Fixed keyboard volume control lag<.br /> Fixed gain plugin slider losing it's ability to change the trim in some situations. Thanks @Michael!
  • Fixed menuBUS not rememebering the last volume it was set to on reboot :-O Thanks for spotting @Dave!
  • More work to improve reliability when switching sample rates and presets.
  • Fixed menuBUS losing presets on restart
  • Sped up the auto save rate to occur every 60 seconds.
  • Fixed input and output menu's not showing the current selected IO as being selected.
  • Fixed delay compensation inaccuracy.
  • Fixed preset change notifications not appearing when auto loading due to sample rate change.
  • Fixed small delay introduced when deleting audiounits hosted inside of an audio splitter plugin.
  • Fixed menuBUS not storing the plugin settings during a restart of the computer. Thanks @Eric!

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.59.b 19/10/2017

  • Fixed delay compensation inaccuracy.
  • Fixed preset change notifications not appearing when auto loading due to sample rate change.
  • Added a preset rule titled "Set Sample Rate On Load" which will attempt to set the output to the sample rate that was active at the time of setting this preference". Thanks @Mario!

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.58.b 15/10/2017

  • Improved "Load On Device Connection" feature to work when connection and disconnecting headphones to the built-in output. Thanks @Mario!
  • Fixed driver installation from stopping audio in apps like iTunes.
  • Fixed small delay introduced when deleting audiounits hosted inside of an audio splitter plugin.
  • Improved reliabilty during sample rate changes.
  • Added a "Preset Rules" submenu to give more control over the situations when a preset should be loaded. Thanks @Mario!
  • Added the ability to bypass "Audio In" plugins.

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.57.b 11/10/2017

  • Fixed delay compensation when using audio splitters. Thanks @Mario!
  • Added a latency readout on audio splitters. This is the latency of all the plugins before the splitter (excluding other splitters) and up to and including the last plugin of the splitter unit. Thanks @Daryl!
  • Fixed menuBUS not storing the plugin settings during a restart of the computer. Thanks @Eric!
  • Added a .plist entry to choose whether or not menuBUS set the system alert sound to the menuBUS driver.
  • Added "Latency Compensation" toggles in each of the latency drop down menus.
  • Updated the driver to support higher delay compensation settings.
  • Added a .plist entry called "maxDelayCompensation" which is a multiplier of 4000 samples. So a "maxDelayCompensation" setting of 11 gives you 44000 samples of delay compensation. or just under a second of delay compensation at 44.1khz
  • Added a .plist entry called "systemAlertsToOutput" which when set to false will prevent menuBUS from switching the system alerts setting to the menuBUS driver. Thanks @Dale

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.56.b 10/10/2017

  • Plugin, and output device latency is now reported to the system, which means video playback stays in sync with up to 10 seconds of latency compensation!
  • Re-introduced the global bypass feature.
  • You can now create blank presets!
  • Deleting the last plugin in a preset no longer deletes the preset!
  • Fixed latency setting being forgotten when removing plugins. Thanks @Mark!
  • Fixed mono plugin reliability. Thanks @Bendan!
  • Fixed mono plugin sound. Thanks @Kian!
  • Fixed keyboard volume control lag

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.47.b 30/09/2017

  • Fixed gain plugin slider losing it's ability to change the trim in some situations. Thanks @Michael!
  • Fixed menuBUS not rememebering the last volume it was set to on reboot :-O Thanks for spotting @Dave!

menuBUS Pro BETA v2.1.46.b 30/09/2017

  • Fixed menuBUS audio completely stopping and requiring a restart after changing sample rate.


menuBUS Pro v2.1.45 29/09/2017

  • Fixed audio in not working on channels that aren't channels 1-2.


menuBUS Pro v2.1.44 29/09/2017

  • Fixed a bug with the sparkle updater window showing up under, and interfering with the licencing window.
  • menuBUS now behaves better with full screen apps, and situations where the menu bar hides away.
  • Fixed interaction with Bartender 3 app.
  • Imporved OS X 10.9 status bar interaction.
  • Fixed the audio-in plugin.

menuBUS Pro v2.1.43 28/09/2017

  • Fixed a crashing bug when saving a preset containing PSP-X-Dither, and most likely some other plugins
  • Fixed a bug where menuBUS wouldn't pass audio if there was silence in the left channel

menuBUS Pro v2.1.42 28/09/2017

  • Fixed a crashing bug that could occur when creating, or renaming presets and splitters.

menuBUS Pro v2.1.41

  • Added mono output selection to audio outputs
  • Fixed HOFA plugin window resizing


menuBUS v2

Welcome to version 2.1.40!

     Audio Features

  • New performant audio engine delivering a much improved - bit perfect, drift free audio experience!
  • Rock solid reliability between sample rate changes and sleep/wake.
  • Audio Splitter - With menuBUS Pro you can now have sound being directed to multiple speaker/headphones, all with their own custom plugins.
  • M/S Wrapper - Do you have plugins that you wish had an M/S mode? With menuBUS Pro you can now run your plugins inside an M/S Wrapper which handles all the fiddly  encoding and decoding for you!
  • Gain, Mono/Stereo - Now they are their own plugins, able to be positioned anywhere in the plugin graph. Do you want to have a pre fx mono? Well then position the mono plugin before the fx! Do you want to be able to DIM/MUTE? well that can now all be handled entirely with the gain plugin and with custom shortcuts all these plugins can be enabled/disabled anywhere in the system!


  • Improved look and feel with less options and guff. Everything needed to operate menuBUS is now clearly visible from the main view
  • All main interface elements such as the plugins and main groups can be reordered.


  • Presets can now be managed easily from the main interface. You can now rename, import and export presets to share with others or for your own personal backup.
  • All important menuBUS related files such as presets, default settings and logs can be found inside you documents folder, in ~/Documents/menuBUS Pro/
  • menuBUS can now automatically download and install updates without you needing to do anything.


Version 1.3.42 (Friday 2nd June)


-When selecting a plugin from the drop down list, if there is only one plugin in the manufacturers submenu, then you can now click on the manufacturers name to load that plugin.

-Improved responsiveness of the app when adding and removing plugins and presets

-removed plugin addition and removal sliding animation. It was far too slow.

-Added a setting to disable signal metering completely in menuBUS.

-Worked on sleep mode detection not working properly.



Version 1.3.41 (Tuesday 30th May)

-Did more work to make sure “animating” and updating the signal meters is using as little CPU as possible. This may be a fix for some people experiencing dropouts.

-Reverting back to old "inactive" menu bar icon

-Improved plugin deletion - No more clicks!


Version 1.3.40 (Monday 29th May)

-Plugin names are now in alphabetical order

-Added a dialog to warn when the menuBUS driver has been set to a sample rate unsupported by the output interface.

-Found and fixed something that may have been causing menuBUS to not reliably wake from sleep.

-Did even more work to lower CPU usage caused by metering signal levels. No massive gains, but hey!

-Fixed plugin bypassing for good. Bypassing plugins now completely removes it from the processing pathway, reducing CPU cycles!

-Reordering plugins no longer resets the audio engine and is now much faster. Overall things feel a lot snappier in this version!

-Buffer size and sample rate changes no longer reload the plugins.

.-Status bar icon is now blue with a white waveform when no signal is passing, slightly green when processing audio, and red when output is clipping.

-Added a "Prioritise This Device" Option which will override any other automatic output device selection choices, and will always force menuBUS to use this device when it is discovered/connected to the computer.

-Fixed automatic device discovery in relation to “Associated Outputs” - Now if you have selected an associated output for your preset, but that device is disconnected, when that device is reconnected, menuBUS will automatically switch to using it. This setting is overridden by the new "Prioritise This Device" option

-Plugin windows now close by pressing ⌘W keys together and If a plugin isn’t floating it will also now close when pressing the esc key.

-Fixed menuBUS crashing when switching between compatibility modes.


 Version 1.3.38 (Friday 26th May)

-Lowered CPU by a couple % by removing animating menu item, and replacing it with a coloured logo…

-New version upgrades now automatically backup all presets and settings from the previous version to a folder ~/Library/Preferences/menuBUS Preferences Backup/ in case something goes wrong with the update process.


Version 1.3.37 (Thursday 25th May)

-Fixed some audio instability issues caused by audio unit parameter listening. This feature will hopefully return in a future version, but for now it doesn’t affect the functionality of menuBUS

-Fixed plugin not opening automatically after first being inserted

-Fixed menuBUS not opening correctly after trial expiring.


Version 1.3.36 (Wednesday 22nd May)

-Fixed compatibility mode switch not functioning correctly. 

-Fixed plugin opening shortcuts only working after the menuBUS menu had been opened after launch.

-Fixed keyboard shortcuts not being reliably updated, or removed.

-Added some helpful hint popovers to some of the interface elements.

-Fixed sub output selection not working on first go.


Version 1.3.35 (Tuesday 23rd May) 

- Fixed menuBUS outputting to channels 3+4 in some configurations.

- Fixed a bug with some apple system audio units not having their settings stored/recalled correctly.

- Improved some of the warning dialogs.


Version 1.3.34 (Monday 22nd May) 

- Fixed volume boost when first starting menuBUS (bug introduced in v1.3.33)

Version 1.3.33 (Sunday 21st May)

Audio Related

-Improved the short fade in and fade outs when changing effects, presets and outputs.

-Mute button now has a very very slight fade in and fade out ramp

-Fixed input monitoring when not in compatibility mode

-Input monitoring menu now has a tick beside the selected output interface/channels

-The mono button now has a Pre FX and Post FX option. This selection can be accessed by either dragging down on the button, or holding option and clicking. 

-The selection for the dim amount now accessed    by either dragging down on the button, or holding option and clicking on the button.

-The last device selected for input monitoring is now remembered correctly.



-Fixed volume indicator not disappearing when a menu is visible

-Updated more of the the menu items for typos and incorrect grammar..    

-Animations are now a lot smoother

-Improved the add and remove plugin sliding animation

-Dim menu now highlights selected dim amount

-Associated output menu now has a tick beside the selected output interface/channels

-Input monitoring menu now has a tick beside the selected output interface/channels

-Dragging an insert off the screen now shows an open hand cursor

-menuBUS menu now opens to the left of the menu item if it would otherwise be hidden off screen.

-opening the registration menu no longer cuts out audio.



-Fixed some areas of code that were susceptible to crashing

-Fixed global bypass settings being stored and incorrectly activated upon relaunching the app

-Added parameter observing to keep presets more up to date. Now as soon as a plugin value is changed the preset is updated. Before the settings were only saved when the plugin window was closed. This is fine in most cases, but not when the app would crash…

-Did some more work on slate plugins crashing the app. Still not perfect, but better.

-Fixed licensing window crashing menuBUS

-Fixed menuBUS not displaying correctly when adding plugins with an autohiding status bar

-Made the cursor targets for the resize indicator only visible in the bottom right hand corner of menuBUS, and made the target a lot smaller so that the indicator doesn’t show up when trying to press the global bypass button



Version 1.3.26 (Tuesday 9th May)

-Fixed audio only coming out left channel when selecting output device name, rather than the actual channel numbers

-Audio now fades in and out quickly when changing plugins, presets and outputs so that there is no longer an instant cut.

-Fixed text blurriness

-Fixed funky colours on some systems

-Added confirmation dialog before deleting a preset

-Fixed some menu names, for example: 44100 kHz has now be correctly renamed to 44100 Hz


Version 1.3.25 (Sunday 7th May)

-Fixes the previous version not starting....


Version 1.3.24 (Sunday 7th May)

-Fixes spinning beach ball on launch

-Added a mute and dim switch    

-Fixed audio dropping out when switching to higher sample rates

-Added a “minimise IO Latency option” 

-Improve loading preset reliability

-Fixes some more Yosemite related crashing bugs


Version 1.3.22 (6th May 2017)

-Input monitoring now works in compatibility mode.

-Input monitoring now lets you choose any input available on the system, not just the device you have currently selected as your output.

-Fixed automatic sample rate switching not occurring in “Compatibility Mode” after changing    modes.

-Fixed menu bar sample rate font changing size when changing the menuBUS window size.

-Stopped the menuBUS menu from being able to be dragged around the screen.

-Fixed “Ghost” windows.


Version 1.3.21 (5th May 2017)

-menuBUS is now resizable by dragging the bottom corner!

-more work towards fixing crashing on Yosemite


Version 1.3.20 (5th May 2017)

-Fixed menuBUS crashing when open plugins on some systems.

-Fixed floating plugin windows not remembering their positions reliably.

-Fixed audio dropping out when adding or re-ordering plugins in compatibility mode.

-Fixed a bug where menuBUS would only open a plugin once upon first instantiation.

-Fixed menuBUS not detecting the previous  device it was connected to when starting in compatibility mode.


Version 1.3.12 (3rd May 2017)

-Fixed a major crashing bug in Yosemite where menuBUS would crash after clicking on the menu bar icon.

-Made the install/updater more reliable and with less dialogs.

-Fixed preset migration.


Version 1.3.1 (3rd May 2017)

-Fixed a sleep from wake issue

-Fixed menuBUS not updating correctly from versions below v1.2.6


Version 1.3 (3rd May 2017)


-menuBUS now has a peak meter to show whether the signal is clipping on the output.

-Added some helpful hints to a few of the interface elements.

-Delay compensation added to subwoofer output.  In total menuBUS can compensate for 40,000 samples of delay.

-Added “Pro Tip” pop over dialogs to highlight features of menuBUS that aren’t very discoverable like buttons that can have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them.

-Added an input trim

-Added input monitoring

-Added a subwoofer output with low pass filter setting

-Added stereo/mono switch



-“Compatibility Mode “ has now been updated to allow menuBUS to work natively with touch bar macbook volume control.

-Migrated menuBUS to a different database for storing presets and loading presets which should improve stability all round in a big way!

-Improved the preset menu. Managing presets is now much more intuitive.

-Added a “Compatibility Mode” Hopefully fixes some of the distortion some people have been getting with UAD, and Antelope interfaces.

-Plugin window resizing now fixed for every plugin I have been able to test. Most notably iZotope Insight!

-Improved automatic device switching reliability.

-lowered input/output latency at all buffer sizes

-sped up preset loading

-bypass settings are now remembered when toggling the global bypass on and off

-Fixed menuBUS crashing any time headphones are removed from in-built output

-Fixed a bug with plugin “pinned” state not being stored correctly between changing presets



-Plugin windows now open automatically after being added to the fx chain.

-Sample rate selection has now been returned to the “Audio Setup” menu

-Put more checks in place to make sure the aggregate device is being set up correctly.

-The bypass button on plugins doesn’t have a greyed out box surrounding it anymore. A graphical glitch that would occur after the Global Bypass button was pressed.

-Insert background colour is now washed out when plugin is bypassed.

-Removed the option for light theme - menuBUS is now always using a dark theme. Much better readability and looks cooler IMHO ;)

-Input Trim and Bass LPF now have a dedicated row, and their current setting is always visible when looking at the “Audio Setup” menu.

-Plugin windows now reflect their bypass state by appearing washed out.

-improved update reliability by simplifying the methodology behind the scenes. Hopefully this fixes the update/restart loop that some people have been experiencing.

-Stopped crash reporter from showing up after quitting the app


Version 1.2.6 (9th April 2017)

-menuBUS driver is now hidden, leaving only the aggregate device exposed. This aggregate device has renamed back to “menuBUS”. So now menuBUS is as simple to understand as it was in version 1.0! 

-Fixed audio dropping out when a new device is switched to via a notification.

-Volume notification now appears above full screen video, and in other desktops.

-Fixed audio not outputting out of menuBUS in some configurations.

-Fixed output selection crashing menuBUS.

-Fixed a bug where menuBUS would crash loading a preset that had a different output to the one currently assigned.

-New blank preset option.

-Fixed sample rate changes crashing menuBUS.

-Improved the preferences pane by clarifying a few options.

-Added a release notes menu item.

-Fixed a crashing bug when removing a plugin without ever having opened it before - Mainly effecting Yosemite.

-Fixed menuBUS not hiding automatically when switching between spaces.

-Fixed menuBUS always launching after login, even when un ticking the launch at login check box.


Version 1.2.1 (5th April 2017)

-stability improvements when changing presets and buffer sizes.

-Fixed the licensing window on an expired trial from never letting you quit the app…

-Added the shift + option modifiers for keyboard volume change, like you get by default with the system volume control.


Version 1.2.0 (3rd April 2017)

-Fixed a bug with Yosemite not setting up aggregate devices correctly, or at least not in the way I have come to expect in Sierra. This will probably will fix a lot of the audio glitches people are getting with the newer versions! Especially if running on Yosemite.

-Fixed a major bug with menuBUS licensing crashing menuBUS on 10.10, and 10.11

-Fixed some interface issues that were causing menuBUS to crash in Yosemite.

-Fixed a bug where quitting by right clicking on the menu bar icon would actually crash menuBUS.

-menuBUS now won’t delete key combo presets when selecting “Uninstall, but don’t delete Presets”

-stopped volume overlay showing up every time buffer settings were changed.


Version 1.1.7 (2st April 2017)

-Fixed a bug introduced in 1.1.6 which would make menuBUS unresponsive to mouse clicks. 

-Added an option to preferences menu to choose between updating to stable builds or updating to test builds.


Version 1.1.6 (1st April 2017)

—Hot fix for Yosemite—

-Fixed a major crashing bug for Yosemite where the icon would flash briefly and then disappear and menuBUS would show no signs of life…

-Auto login now works! I promise!

-Added back a “Quit menuBUS” item to the right click menu on the menu bar icon


Version 1.1.5 (31st March 2017)

-menuBUS will now present a system volume overlay when changing volumes, as it did in earlier versions, but the speaker icon in the menu bar will still appear greyed out. 

-Fixed a crashing bug that could happen when resizing some plugin windows, like iZotope Insight and no doubt others…

-Added a “Check for Updates” button to preferences menu.

-Fixed a bug with sample rate display text being invisible with certain theming configurations.

-Fixed menuBUS not detecting headphones being plugged in and removed

-Fixed a bug with Nugen plugins not working until the changing the output, or device setting.

-Added an option to the uninstaller to prevent the deletion of stored presets.

-Nicer animations when opening and closing plugin windows, and “Audio Setup” pane.

-Lot’s of other little potential crash spots were patched up.


Version 1.1.1 (30 March 2016)

***** Keyboard volume control still works with this version, and version 1.0, I just had to change it’s implementation, so you will no longer see the volume overlay to show volume level, but it does still work! *****

-Fixed a bug where menuBUS wouldn’t remember it’s previous volume when adding plugins or changing presets.
-Added a notification to show when menuBUS is muted


Version 1.1 (30 March 2016)


-Slate Digital plugins now not crashing menuBUS!!

-Big stability improvements- Especially when changing outputs, presets and buffer sizes.



-Fixed synchronisation issues between devices by always using an aggregate device as the device menuBUS uses to run it’s audio engine. Prior to this you could choose to “Synchronise Clocks” but now with this I can do away with that option and let the system do all that for me :) Sounds better too!

-Buffer size is now tied to output and sample rate. So when the sample rate is changed the buffer size is automatically changed to what was previously used on that specific device, at that specific sample rate. 

-fixed a bug where menuBUS Multi-Out wouldn’t show up in Pro Tools - Fixed by naming the aggregate device “MenuBUS Output”


-Fixed update schedule pop up not working.

-Launch preset dot no longer disappears when menu item is highlighted.

-smoothed out signal meter animation.

-added an optional waveform animation in the menu icon to show audio is passing through menuBUS.  .


Version 1.0


-Release time!!

-There is now a small blue dot next to the designated launch preset.

-Fixed a bug where the selected output device could get stuck on mute.

-Fixed a bug theme selection didn’t change the preference menu text colour.


Beta Version 0.96.21


-Nothing exciting - Just forgot to include the "Uninstall menuBUS" option in the previous release!


Beta Version 0.96.2


-menuBUS no longer restarts the multi out device when changing presets or outputs.

-menu bar icon now correctly displays the current global bypass state.

-menuBUS no longer has a right click menu bar option, as it’s not very discoverable. Instead all functionality has been moved to the main menu, accessible by clicking the gear icon

-new options for control over updates, notifications, preset management and choice between dark and light theme has been added to an all new preferences pane, accessible via the gear icon.

-fixed menuBUS interface for those who purchased early (Thanks for the support!)

-fixed auto launch on login


Beta Version 0.96.1

-Fixed some audio cutting out issue some testers have been having.

-lowered CPU usage back to where it was in earlier versions - At 1024 buffer setting / 2-5%


Beta Version 0.96


-menuBUS now runs at nearly half the latency of previous versions. At 44k, with no plugins menuBUS roundtrip latency is 830 samples (Of which 365 samples is my hardware latency)

-added a “Synchronise Devices” option. With this enabled menuBUS will be less likely to suffer from audio drop-outs, however the signal is being processed in doing so and is no longer the “original” sound.

-Fixed audio dropping out after deleting final insert.

-Fixed a bug where audio would cut out when there is only one plugin loaded, and that plugin had an error loading.



-Fixed a crashing bug that could happen when creating a global bypass shortcut

-Improved wake from sleep stability



-menu bar icon is momentarily highlighted when global bypass is toggled with keyboard shortcut

-menu bar icon is now greyed out when global bypass is enabled.

-menuBUS now sends out a system notification on launch saying which device has been hijacked

-Insert FX menu no longer has a “Remove Plugin” entry

-On start up menuBUS looks for the previous device it was connected to, and if it can’t find that device it will try and look for a potential previous device menuBUS has been connected to.

-menuBUS will now automatically switch to a previous device if the current device is taken offline

-Preset menu has a “Set as Launch Preset” Option.

-Associated output menu item now has a check box beside the associated output.

-menuBUS will now default to choosing the built in output if it can’t find the device it was previously assigned to be using. When that device is reconnected, menuBUS will automatically switch back to it.

-if an audio device is disconnected while the computer is asleep (bluetooth headphones turning off/ interface being turned off) , upon waking menuBUS will automatically switch to another device it was previously connected to, or the built in output.




-fixed menuBUS not checking for updates

-fixed text alignment

-settings menu no longer disappears whenever a setting is changed

-fixed a bug where hitting return after entering a preset name wouldn’t always work.


Beta Version 0.95.22

-Fixed a bug where the letter "a" became the default key to bypass all plugins...


Beta Version 0.95.21

-Custom shortcut function added for bypassing all plugins - Just right click on the bypass button and enter a shortcut!


Beta Version 0.95.2

-Audio engine more stable and glitch free now 

-Global bypass button now has a keyboard shortcut — command+option+control+b

-FFT View removed. Will be replaced by a simple signal meter in future revision.

-Improvements made to waking from sleep. Still need people to test this out on their end.

-Stability improvements when changing presets and loading plugins.


Beta Version 0.95

-Big audio engine upgrade. Several users are reporting this engine has fixed the "crackle", distortion and dropouts they were getting!

-Buffer setting is now stored along with preset.

-FFT view now displays correctly at higher sample rates.

-Added 2048 and 4096 buffer settings.

-Notifications are now presented when a new audio device is detected, providing the opportunity to quickly choose the new device.

-Fixed some janky interface elements.

-Global bypass button added. Keyboard shortcut to come.. I don’t know what a good keyboard shortcut would be yet! Suggestions??

-fixed a bug where menuBUS didn’t like the system output being changed away from the menuBUS driver output while running.


Beta Version 0.94.3

-changes made in previous version to get plugin alliance plugins working broke waves plugins. This version fixes that!


Beta Version 0.94.2

-fixed plugin alliance plugins not able to be controlled with a mouse
-floating windows are now not showing up in the login screen and screen saver
-fixed system pop up visibility within plugins


Beta version 0.94.1

-Added an experimental menuBUS Multi-Out device that can be enabled to allow sending to other outputs on the selected interface.

-some plugins would continue to draw their view in the background, even after being hidden. This could lead to huge CPU consumption.

-“Remove Plugin” has now returned to the drop down menu on plugins that couldn’t load. Sorry about that…

-Plugin windows now return to their previous position regardless of whether floating or not.

-menuBUS main menu is now floating above the other plugin windows when open.

-fixed pop up menus in floating plugin windows.


Beta version 0.94

-menuBUS is now much much more stable when adding, removing and rearranging plugins!

-Fixed plugin reordering. Now the graphics animate correctly every time!

-menuBUS now handles switching of sample rate gracefully.

-Plugin windows now are automatically pinned after being dragged.

-Floating windows now have a close button.

-sleep and wake stability improved — Need some testers for this!

-fixed a bug with removed plugins continuing to eating up CPU

-Automatically check for update button added to settings menu.

-Output device menu shows current selected output with a tick beside it.


Beta version 0.93.51

-Improved loading speed.

-Hot fix for plugins not showing in FX menu.

-Hot fix for output selection not sticking when using an interface with more than two outputs.

-Plugins now animate when reordering.


Beta version 0.93.5

-Fixed a bug where selecting an output other than output 1-2 wouldn’t stick.

-Plugin windows are now resizable.

-Fixed a crashing bug relating to plugins that have child windows and popup menus.

-menuBUS now matches the output sample rate of it’s selected output to it’s own sample rate automatically. This will probably fix some glitches people have been having.
-fixed a major bug causing menu bus to "crackle", or in general sound terrible.

-Added a "pin" to each plugin window to keep it floating in place.

-Further improved start up times. Should be noticeable after second launch!


Beta version 0.93.3

-Fixed a major crash on launch bug introduced in last version.

-menuBUS now displays all the audio units from Plugin Alliance, and other manufacturers that don’t use only one ID for all their plugins.


Beta version 0.93.2


-menuBUS now stores a selected output device when saving presets. This is great for switching between different monitors!

-Fixed a bug where menuBUS sometimes would not select the current selected output as it’s default output device on launch.

-Removed plugin validation!! Much faster now.

-Added a settings button to main menu.

-Buffer setting added to settings menu

-Fixed bug where default preset loads, but plugins aren’t getting audio.

-Output no longer stops when headphones are plugged in.

-menuBUS now updates its position when changed location in menu bar, and also correctly displays when menu bar is hidden.

-plugins now have visual feedback when dragging to rearrange (still buggy)

-Fixed menuBUS crashing on system wake


Beta version 0.93.1

-Fixed Sonarworks presets not being saved!

-menuBUS now behaves correctly when being opened over multiple desktops

-Fixed a mis-match between plugins in the insert select menu, and plugins showing up in the actual insert to replace popup menu.


Beta version 0.93.0

-Fixed audio glitches and artefacts while listening to audio in multiple apps.

 -Added a bypass button to channel inserts. FYI - You can bypass plugins by holding control+command and    clicking on the insert too.

-menuBUS now shows a validating plugin splash screen. This will hopefully help trouble-shoot some of the issues people have been having during start up!

-Fixed an issue with volume control settings being forgotten when using a device that doesn't natively offer this functionality.


Beta version 0.92.3

        -Fixed a bug with menuBUS not seeing plugins under the category "music effect".


Beta version 0.92.2

        -First public release!


Beta version 0.86

-Crashing bug fixed when launching for first time on new system

-Added a plugin scanning window during launch

-Fixed a bug where some buttons became unresponsive and would make the system alert sound

-Fixed a few of the button and titles in the installer/onboarding screens

-Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash when launching un licensed plugins


Beta version 0.85

-Added support for Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11

-Improvements to installation and onboarding process (still plenty of work to do here though!)

-Added uninstall option to menu.

-Improved look of FFT View with no audio playing.

-Fixed menu not displaying correctly when hiding app in bartender.



Beta version 0.84

- Added settings icon in main view to aid in discovery.

- Fixed some glitches that occurred during plugin rearrangement.

- Improved the "Preferences" menu button functionality.

- Added line breaks in between some of the interface elements for clarity.

- Made feedback form open every time the user click on the Beta feedback button.

- Improvements made to the onboarding experience.

- Added crash reporting using HockeyApp