Version 1.4.4 (Sunday 25th June)


-Buffer sizes now correctly match the actual delay that is being introduced by menuBUS. Previously a buffer size of 1024 actually introduced a delay of 2048.

-CPU usage lowered.

-Removed minimise IO Latency as an option, and now menuBUS is now always operating in what was "minimise IO latency" mode.

-Buffer changes now happen instantly and don't reload the plugins.

-Sample rate and device output changes are now much faster and don't reload the loaded plugins.


-Major changes to the layout of menuBUS. Now each section has a defined header that expands with the content.

-Added ms readouts for the various delays caused by buffer settings and plugin choices.

-All buttons are now equal heights.

-All buttons that no longer have a drop down icon now have their menu's accessible via right click.

-Sample rate display in menu bar is now on by default.

-All font in menuBUS now matches system font.

-Fixed menu highlighting when the accessibility mode "Increase Contrast" was enabled.

-Notifications now disappear quicker.

-Moved compatibility mode to the preferences pane to clean up the interface.



-Keep Alive is a mode accessible in the preferences pane which will restart menu bus if it crashes.

-Fixed idle sleep mode detection


Version 1.4.3 (Friday 2nd June)

-Fixed launch at login not working

-Fixed plugin windows not correctly showing their bypass state

-Enhanced the right click menu 


Version 1.4.2 (Friday 2nd June)

-When selecting a plugin from the drop down list, if there is only one plugin in the manufacturers submenu, then you can now click on the manufacturers name to load that plugin.

-removed plugin addition and removal sliding animation. It was far too slow.

-Added a setting to disable signal metering completely in menuBUS.

-Worked on sleep mode detection not working properly.


Version 1.4.1 (Tuesday 30th May)

-Did more work to make sure “animating” and updating the signal meters is using as little CPU as possible. This may be a fix for some people experiencing dropouts.

-Improved plugin deletion - No more clicks!