Q: menuBUS was working for me and now it isn't. What can I try? 

A: There's a few things to try before downgrading to a previous version available at www.menubus.audio/versions

Firstly I would try holding down command+option when starting menuBUS. This will clear away the .plist file and any presets that might be breaking menuBUS. If that doesn't work I would try uninstalling menuBUS through the uninstaller located in the app, or by browsing to the uninstaller by right clicking on the app -> "Show Package Contents" -> Contents-> Resources -> menuBUS Uninstaller.app

This uninstaller will completely remove the app, so make a back up of it, or you will have to re download again.

With menuBUS now uninstalled, restart your computer and re run menuBUS. Most of the issues caused by updating seems to be from preferences from old versions clashing with new ones, this is an issue I am actively working on resolving to make updates smoother for everyone


If running the uninstaller doesn't work then I would recommend deleting the following files and then restart your computer before running menuBUS again.



~/Library/Application Support/com.greenroomproductions.menubus



Q: Why am I hearing crackles when using menuBUS with my DAW?

A: For some reason some device's require switching menuBUS to "Compatibility Mode" as they don't work in conjunction with an aggregate device. Known interfaces that require compatibility mode are interfaces from UAD, and Apogee.

Q: When menuBUS isn't set as my system output is it still having an effect on the sound of my interface?

A: No. menuBUS can be thought of as just another audio "interface" on the Mac. Just like when you plug a USB interface into your Mac you wouldn't expect it to change the sound of your inbuilt output, so to is that the case with menuBUS. 

Q: Why doesn't menuBUS have a "Save Preset" and and "Update Preset" button?

A: I guess it's a little weird, but I really like not having to save or update a preset. Saves popping up a dialog asking "Are you sure you want to save this preset?". Also what happens when you decide to quit menuBUS, but you haven't saved your preset? Much easier for it to be automatic, I think.

Q: How do I uninstall menuBUS?

A: In the case the menuBUS is successfully opening on your system, then an uninstaller can be found in the settings menu which can be accessed by clicking the "gear" icon. Alternatively if you want to go digging then an uninstaller can be found by right clicking on the menuBUS package >Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > menuBUS Uninstaller.app

Q: Does menuBUS prevent my system from sleeping?

A: No. However, In Activity Monitor menuBUS appears as an app the prevents system sleep. This is because when menuBUS is running it is accessing the systems audio drivers continuously. This is the same with an app like iTunes where as long as iTunes is playing audio your computer won't sleep. To get around this problem menuBUS monitors a couple of things, such as - Has audio stopped playing for over 2 minutes and is the screen turned off? If this is the case then menuBUS will switch off it's audio precessing, allowing the computer to sleep. menuBUS will always sleep when the system is forced to sleep by either closing your MacBook lid, or selecting sleep in the system menu.

Q: Why isn't menuBUS an app that behaves like other apps so that I can cmd - tab between it and the other software I have running?

A: I built menuBUS because there are already apps out there that do something similar to what menuBUS does, but I found them clunky to use because they were always in the task switcher!

Q: Some of the plugins I have load, but don't pass any audio. Why is this happening?

A: Currently menuBUS only hosts stereo interleaved plugins, and what is most likely happening here is that menuBUS is that the plugin you are trying to host is a multi-mono plugin. There is a fix for this, but every time I try and get these mono plugins to work I seem to waste hours on the problem. Contact me if you know the solution! I'm probably doing something stupid...


Q: Why isn't launch at login working?

A: Make sure there are no more than one "menuBUS.app" files on your computer and empty your trash, then disable and enable the "launch at login" check box.