The master bus for your mac

Run plugins on your system output!

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 $39 USD + tax/VAT 30 Day money back guarantee!

licence is valid for up to 3 machines - macOS 10.10+ Required

menuBUS is a lightweight menu bar application designed to capture all system audio, host realtime AudioUnit effects, and pass the processed audio to your choice of output. 

Until now applying effects to the system audio has involved the use of multiple apps, audio drivers and aggregate devices, and in the case of paid apps that can solve this problem (many of which are fantastic applications) the user is still left with a lot of prep work and time spent managing another apps clutter.

Now, with menuBUS you can do away with all that overhead.

Tweak plugin settings

Full control of Audio Unit (AU) plugin settings.



Keyboard Volume Control

Give any audio interface native keyboard volume control.

Volume Control

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

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Custom presets

Save presets for different headphones, rooms, speakers, or events. 

Presets can be switched with customisable global keyboard shortcuts.

Input Monitoring